MINORITY PROTECTION special issue (2020)

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Chapter I. - Developments of the Right of Peoples to Self-determination Over the Past Century

Daniel Turp: Self-Determination, the Right of Peoples to Decide and the Obligation of States to Negotiate

Xabier Ezeizabarrena: Minority autonomy and the internal aspects of self-determination in the EU: Brief comparative approach from the Basque Country

Chapter II. - Trianon 100 – Centenary of a Decision that Reshaped Europe

Lothar Höbelt: No ”Road to Canossa” and no “Death Warrant”: The End of Austria-Hungary Revisited

Tibor Glant: The Inquiry and the Paris Peace Conference: American Preparations for Peace and the Future of Hungary, 1917-1920

Patrik Szeghő: Yugoslav Unity and the Dissolution of Austria–Hungary

Chapter III. - Lasting Consequences of the Paris Peace Conference

László Komáromi: The Question of Territorial Plebiscites after the fi rst World War with Special Regard to Hungary

István Szabó: The Impact of Trianon on Public Law Traditions

Barna Bodó: Between Yesterday and Tomorrow – What Happened to the Memorials in Banat After 1918

Chapter IV. - Minority Rights Then and Now

Gábor Kardos: Trianon and International Law: Arguments of Hungarian Scholars of International Law against the Treaty of Trianon

Laura Gyeney – Ágoston Korom: Restitution for Immovable
Property: the Beneš-Decrees from the Perspective
of European Union Law – the Legal Status of Claimants for Confi scations prior to 1948 on the Grounds of the Principle of lex specialis